Store Modules

Looking for a retail space for your unmanned store? Our retail modules are fully equipped and easily customizable to fit your brand.

For Sale!

Planning to launch or expand your unmanned retail operation? We now offer fully equipped store modules for unmanned grocery retailing in two sizes: 27 sqm and 54 sqm. The modules are easy to establish at your desired location and customize to your brand. Kick-start your retail business quickly and easily! 

Included Equipment & Furnishing: 

  • Surveillance Camera 

  • Security Alarm 

  • Door Controller 

  • Electronic Door Lock 

  • Shelves optimized for efficiency 

  • Capacity for approximately 500 items 

If you're interested in our store modules, reach out and we'll get back to you with more detailed information. 

The all-in-one solution for your business

What is a Store Module?

A Store Module or Store Container represents the flexibility in modern construction. Unlike traditional buildings which are built on-site, a shop module is manufactured in a factory, ensuring quality control throughout the entire production process. Once these modules are ready, they're transported to the desired location, ready for quick and efficient assembly using a crane. 

The unique feature of shop modules is their portability. While they don't have built-in wheels like an RV, they can easily be relocated using a crane whenever needed. This mobility makes them ideal for businesses in need of a flexible and adaptable solution. 

If you're looking to launch or expand your business quickly, a pre-built store module is perfect. Think of it as a "plug-in" system for your store, easy installation and immediate operation.