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The retail industry is constantly evolving, and one of the latest trends is the emergence of unmanned and hybrid stores, allowing you to extend your opening hours and increase profitability. These stores offer customers a convenient, fast, and seamless shopping experience, while also reducing operational costs for retailers. Storekey, a standalone platform, has emerged as a popular solution for managing unmanned and hybrid stores. In this guide, you will find out how to get started with an unmanned or hybrid store using Storekey's comprehensive solution.  

What is Storekey? Storekey consists of two main components: a back office for retailers and the Storekey app for end-users. The back office allows retailers to manage their product catalog, set opening hours, view end-user events, accept payments, and send personalized campaigns via the app. The app enables customers to unlock stores, scan and pay for items, browse products and campaigns, and locate nearby unmanned stores. Additionally, the platform includes integrated payment processing, giving retailers control over payments and payout frequency.

1. Contact us and connect to Storekey

We’ll help you find the appropriate package for your store and needs. Once we’ve found the perfect package it’s time to connect to Storekey and start preparing your store. This includes installing an electronic lock and a door controller, as well as considering your choice of surveillance equipment. You may also want to put up clear instructions and communication to help guide customers throughput their shopping journey.

2. Upload your products

To get started with Storekey, we’ll help you get onboarded and set up your store in the back office, which serves as the control center for your unmanned store. The intuitive interface allows you to manage your product catalog, including adding and removing items, adjusting prices, and creating promotions. You can also set your store's opening hours and view detailed analytics on customer activities and sales performance.

3. Engage your customers

The Storekey app is essential for providing a smooth and convenient customer experience. Encourage your customers to download the app, which will allow them to unlock your store, scan and pay for items, and receive personalized promotions. The app also features a map of nearby unmanned stores and enables users to browse products and campaigns in advance.

4. Launch and grow your business

Once the back office is set, and your store is prepared with marketing and surveillance, it's time to launch your unmanned store. Monitor your store's performance 24/7 using the back office, and make adjustments as needed to optimize your operations. Utilize the platform's marketing tools to create personalized campaigns and promotions, targeting customers through the app to drive foot traffic and increase sales.

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We’ll find the appropriate package for your store and needs.

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Connect your store

Connect to our ecosystem and install the necessary hardware.

Upload product stock

Upload products to the back office and make them available for your customers.

Engage your customer

Create and push personalized campaigns from the back office to activate app users.

Scale your business

Swiftly meet new customer demands and market trends as your business grow.

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Our tech platform supports all retail verticals and businesses.

  • Unmanned

    Convert or start an unmanned store to offer your customers 100 % availability.

  • Hybrid

    Extend your opening hours by easily switching your store to unmanned.

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    Break free from the counter and let your customers scan & pay.

  • Micro Stores

    Smart micro store solutions for the workplace.