Scan & Pay

Simpler and quicker mobile payments. Looking for a solution that transforms your customer's shopping experience? Discover Storekey's Scan & Pay, the future-proof mobile payment solution.

Skip the line!

With Scan & Pay (also known as Scan & Go), we bid farewell to traditional checkout lines and welcome the new digital age of shopping. Directly through the Storekey app, your customers can easily scan products and maintain complete control over their shopping cart. Once they're done? They can smoothly and swiftly pay right in the app. It couldn't be simpler.

How does Scan & Pay work?

  1. Download the Storekey app and select the store you are in.

  2. Ready to shop? Click on 'Start Shopping' and a scanning window appears directly in the app.

  3. Scan the items you wish to purchase, and they are added to your digital cart.

  4. Once finished, pay directly within the app.

  5. After your purchase, you receive a digital receipt of your items.

  • Speed

    Say goodbye to long wait times and never queue up again.

  • Convenience

    Instant mobile payments for a seamless shopping experience.

  • Offers

    Real-time offers in the app. With Scan & Pay, you'll never miss out on fantastic deals.

For every store

Scan & Pay

Whether you currently run a store or are considering starting one, Scan & Pay is the ideal payment solution suitable for all types of shops. Your customers get to enjoy a smoother shopping experience, while you, as the store owner, free up your time.

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