Kökarbutiken Åland

In the vast archipelago surrounding Åland, lies the community of Kökar, a municipality with approximately 200 inhabitants, taking a significant step towards more accessible and flexible commerce. With the assistance of Storekey, Kökarbutiken is transforming its grocery store into a hybrid store with extended opening hours.

A concept that works

Like in many sparsely populated areas, there have been challenges in conducting trade and offering flexible and convenient shopping times. Now, with the Storekey app, residents and tourists can unlock Kökarbutiken and shop at their convenience. This solution both modernizes the store and enhances its accessibility, creating a more convenient and modern shopping experience for the entire community.

"A contribution to the societal debate. How can a rural store survive in the future? Perhaps this is a concept that works in the long run," says Casper Mickwitz, owner of Kökarbutiken.

Storekey strives to create digital solutions that enhance the shopping experience for both store owners and customers. Through our collaboration with Kökarbutiken, we prove that our solution works in virtually any location. With Storekey, we can increase accessibility for commerce in rural areas and promote local trade.

Providing communities like Kökar with the convenience of digital commerce is just the beginning. We look forward to expanding our service to more locations in the archipelago and around the world.

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Get to know Casper and Susanna behind Kökarbutiken

From bread baking to store owners

Behind the counter at Kökarbutiken on Åland, we find Casper and Susanna. Casper, who previously worked as a banker in France, longed for home in Finland and moved back to improve his quality of life. Before they became shop owners, they ran the local bakery on the island and devoted themselves wholeheartedly to Åland black bread. In 2021, they set aside the rolling pin and took over Kökarbutiken.

In 2023, they began offering app-based shopping in their store with us at Storekey, with the ambition of making commerce much more accessible, even in the archipelago.

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