Vender Convenience

Now, Vender Convenience is opening in Edmonton. It will be one of Canada's first hybrid stores and will be a 24/7 open store offering Scan & Go.

One of Canadas first hybrid stores

The idea for Vender Convenience was born during the Johnson family's Easter celebration. When they ran out of milk and eggs, and James discovered that the local store was closed, he decided to find a solution to the problem. His goal? To be able to shop in his local area whenever a need arises, without having to manage a store himself all day. This was the starting point for Vender Convenience, powered by Storekey's technical platform, one of Canada's first hybrid stores. 

Edmonton, one of Canada's larger cities, has recently experienced numerous store closures just like many other cities, and James saw a gap in the market. The store will be open 24/7, staffed during the day and unmanned at night. All payment will be made through Storekey's Scan & Go solution, freeing up staff for in-store customer service and queries. 

The response to the store's construction has been tremendous, and James is very optimistic about his future as a store owner. If all goes to plan, we can expect to see more stores popping up in the future. 

The opening of Vender Convenience means that Storekey is now established in Canada. This confirms that retail is evolving globally and that our solution is perfectly positioned to meet this growth.  Storekey is now available in about 70 locations worldwide - from the Archipelago to Canada. Want to know more about our solutions? Read here.

Meet James Johnson

The mastermind behind Vender Convenience

By day, he's a political lobbyist. But in his free time, he's a curious tech enthusiast. James Johnson is opening Vender Convenience as a side project. James lives in Edmonton with his wife and three children, and when he's not working, he enjoys reading. In addition to launching a store based on a digital platform, James plans to introduce a robot barista to the store. So when you visit Vender Convenience, you can expect a cutting-edge tech experience, reflecting James' ambition for his new business venture.

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