The Archipelago - Among Cliffs and Swimming Spots

With Storekey, hybrid and unmanned commerce is reaching out to over 70 places around the country. The archipelago stands out as the perfect stage for this innovation, both in Sweden and Finland. Locations like Sandhamn, Tynningö, and Kökar have already embraced this form of hybrid retail, and we're already seeing very promising results.

Bringing Convenience everywhere

In Sandhamn, Storekey has teamed up with the local Tempo store to offer extended opening hours through our hybrid solution. This means that the store is staffed at certain times, but also allows shopping after the staff have gone home. Previously, the store was open 30 hours a week, but now offers 84 hours of accessibility - almost triple the availability! 

We're really satisfied," says store owner Caroline Wedberg. "We started the first week of March and there has been significant interest in shopping during times when the store is unmanned." 

Since its launch, the Sandhamn Tempo store has increased its sales by 15% compared to the same period last year. This is strong evidence that the hybrid solution doesn't cannibalize existing sales, that is, customers are not just choosing to shop at other times, but the hybrid solution is generating additional sales. 

 On Tynningö, just outside Vaxholm, a completely unmanned Lifvs store has made it possible for both locals and tourists to shop on the island, which for some years had been without a store. Before, the residents had to go to Vaxholm or Gustavsberg to shop. The store was opened with the ambition that the inhabitants would not have to leave the island for everyday shopping. Now, Lifvs on Tynningö is running full steam ahead - it's a popular store with high sales volumes. 

In addition to the Swedish archipelago, Storekey now also enables more accessible trade in the Finnish archipelago. This is done through the Kökarbutiken located in the Åland archipelago. Like Tempo, they use Storekey's hybrid solution to extend their opening hours. From the start, the response from customers has been very good!   

What these stores have in common is their location in the archipelago, a place that might not be the most obvious for retail, given the low customer base and today's economic challenges. Statistics from Handelsfakta show that retail is struggling with closures, and stores in rural areas are particularly affected. However, with Storekey as the driving force, these stores have proven the opposite: it is fully possible to run successful commerce in the archipelago.

Hybrid and unmanned solutions solve many of the problems and costs associated with staffed stores, without compromising on service level. Storekey is proud to be able to support these stores and watch them flourish. We look forward to enabling more accessible trade everywhere! 

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