Storekey & Lifvs moves to the next level

Storekey and its wholly-owned brand Lifvs announced today that they will further develop and expand their services. The goal is to facilitate more stores and chains globally to make a smooth transition to hybrid and unmanned concepts.

Storekey and its owned brand, Lifvs, announced today that they will continue to develop and expand their services. Their goal is to facilitate a smoother transition for more stores and chains worldwide to hybrid and unmanned concepts.

Lifvs was initially launched as the proof of concept around which the company developed the Storekey platform. Initially, all Lifvs stores were thus company-operated. As the Storekey platform became established and refined, Lifvs gradually shifted its focus towards operating a franchise business, which has proven both popular and successful. The company is now taking the next step in this strategy by completely discontinuing its own operation of stores. From now on, Lifvs will operate solely as a franchise concept based on the Storekey platform. As a result of this decision, around 20 modular stores are now available for franchisees.

Daniel Lundh, founder of Lifvs and Storekey, expresses his enthusiasm for the new direction: "This is a natural progression for us. We're now looking forward to concentrating entirely on what has always been our core business - developing the groundbreaking technology and concepts behind unmanned and hybrid stores."

Recently, Lifvs Franchise also opened its largest store in Lögdeå in partnership with a local franchisee. The store, which was converted from an existing space of over 200 square meters, has already proven to be a particularly successful concept.

Storekey continues to grow exponentially and now boasts nearly 100 clients spread across 8 different countries. The platform's successes and Lifvs' recent developments underscore that unmanned and hybrid store concepts are more than just a trend – they represent the future of retail.

About Storekey: Storekey is the leading platform for seamlessly and easily operating unmanned and hybrid stores, with the vision of revolutionizing retail through innovative technology.

About Lifvs: Lifvs began as a proof of concept for Storekey and quickly became one of Sweden's first unmanned store chains. Since then, Lifvs has established itself as a successful franchise for unmanned store concepts.