Save your store and keep open

Over the past few years, Sweden has experienced a decline in the number of stores, and this development is expected to accelerate due to the current economic situation. This affects both small and large retailers who are struggling with increased costs and reduced consumer purchasing power. In this context, Storekey emerges as the solution to help retail survive and adapt to new challenges. By offering a hybrid store platform that combines manned and unmanned solutions, stores can stay open longer and reduce their costs.

According to statistics from Handelsfakta, Sweden had a total of 31,520 stores at the end of 2021, which represents a decrease of nearly 2,600 stores in four years. Retail has been one of the most bankruptcy-affected parts of the economy over the past year, and many retailers are struggling to meet the increased costs of goods purchases, rent, electricity, and wages. In these challenging times, the hybrid store solution offered by Storekey can play a significant role in ensuring the survival and growth of Swedish retail.

Storekey – A Hybrid Store Solution for the Future

Storekey is an innovative system that enables a hybrid store solution for retail. This means that stores now can combine or transform traditional, manned service to unmanned, automated technology. This can help stores stay open longer, making them more attractive to consumers, while reducing their operating costs.

  1. Increased accessibility: By introducing unmanned solutions, stores can stay open longer, which is particularly important in times when consumer purchasing power is decreasing. This provides customers with the opportunity to shop when it suits them best and can increase sales.

  2. The Storekey system is flexible and can be adapted to the specific needs and conditions of the store. This allows retailers to create a unique and personal customer experience that strengthens their brand and attracts more customers.

  3. Future-proof technology: With Storekey, retailers gain access to the latest technology in unmanned commerce, enabling them to stay competitive and be at the forefront of development.

Our solutions

Our tech platform supports all retail verticals and businesses.

  • Unmanned

    Convert or start an unmanned store to offer your customers 100 % availability.

  • Hybrid

    Extend your opening hours by easily switching your store to unmanned.

  • Scan & Pay

    Break free from the counter and let your customers scan & pay.

  • Micro Stores

    Smart micro store solutions for the workplace.